Christmas Break Safety Information

Winter Bike Storage

Location: JACC Gate 5
Dates: December 15 & 17 from 1p-4p and December 18 & 19 from 12p-6p
Bikes will be released in the Spring. Contact will be made via email with release dates.

Watch Your Stuff! Extra Vigilance is Needed

We often experience an increase in thefts just before breaks, especially from Library study areas and the dining halls. Maintain extra vigilance on your laptops, book bags, purses, etc. Report any crime or suspicious activity to NDSP ASAP.

Leaving a car during break? Use the D2 South Lot

Location: D-Bulla Parking Lot and D-6 Parking Lot
These lots will be patrolled regularly
Instructions: Remove all items from vehicle and lock vehicle.

Other Vehicle Storage Option: Parking is available in the Eddy Street Commons Parking Garage for a fee. Arrangements must be made in advance.
Contact Kite Realty Group Management Office at 574-232-3805

Arrive Alive! Travel Safely

Motor vehicle crashes pose the greatest risk to the safety of college-aged men and women. Winter road conditions, fatigue (remember those late nights studying for exams) and the rush to get home for the holidays can be a dangerous mix. Take your time, have all the occupants wear safety belts, and make sure the driver is well rested. And of course, don’t drink and drive. Click here for more information.

Christmas Break Storage (for off-campus students)

Winter Break Property Storage: (electronics, musical instruments, valuables, etc.)
Location: Hammes Mowbray Hall
Drop Off Dates/Times: Anytime December 10th through December 19th. During business hours, please come to 2nd floor (preferred). After hours or weekends, please go to Communications window in lobby. Property will be stored on a first come first served basis as space allows.
Pick up Dates/Times: Anytime; all items must be retrieved by Friday, January 16 at 5:00pm. During business hours, please come to 2nd floor (preferred). After hours or weekends, please go to Communications window in lobby.
Instructions: Property for storage must be boxed with name & phone number printed on box. Bring student ID to drop off and pick up property.
Questions: Sgt. Tracy Skibins (574)631-3089,

Ask Police for a “Vacation Home Watch” (for off-campus students)

If your house or apartment will be unoccupied while you are on vacation, you may call your local police department to request a “Home Watch.” Availability of this service varies from department to department. To find out more about this local service, call the department in the jurisdiction where you live:
South Bend Police Department: (574) 235-9201
St. Joseph County Police Department: (574) 235-9611
Mishawaka Police Department: (574) 258-1678

Good luck with exams and best wishes for a joyful Holiday Season!

  • On-campus emergencies- dial 911
  • Non-emergency calls - dial 574-631-5555
  • SAFEWALK - dial 574-631-5555

NDSP is a service organization whose product is safety.
When you don’t know who to call, contact us for assistance.