Football Parking

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Notre Dame Football Parking Information

2016 Football Parking Map

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Important Information for Fans Arriving South of Campus

GPS – When arriving close to campus, please do not depend on you GPS to get you exactly where you need to be!

With new Douglas Road (on the north end of campus) and the realignment of State Road 23 (on the south end of campus), we suggest that you do not use GPS systems until they are upgraded.

Outbound traffic patterns on the south end have changed and the routes away from campus are not in GPS.

Entrance to White Field at Indiana Toll Road Exit 77

Douglas Road will be open to two-way traffic on Game Day, but may be limited at times post-game to expedite outbound traffic from the lots.

Exiting off the Indiana Toll Road at Exit 77, you can now drive on the new Douglas Road, east bound, and follow traffic directions into White South Lot, or continue east through the first round-a-bout then north to White North Lot. Easy access for the public parking area located north and south of Douglas Road and west of Juniper Road. The entrance provides a convenient way for toll road bound traffic to access the toll road post-game without staging on area roadways.

ND Golf Course Popular with Fans

The Notre Dame Golf Course off Angela Boulevard near SR933 was welcomed by fans and provides the most convenient non-reserved public parking area on game day. The bucolic setting along Angela Blvd. next to the fairways and on practice holes provides a perfect backdrop for family, friends, alumni and guests to gather to celebrate Notre Dame Football. This lot is open, weather permitting, for game ticket holders on a first come, first served basis. The lot opens at 8am and closes promptly 3 hours following the end of the game. Entrances to south portion of the course are off Angela Blvd. Access to the north end of the lot is through Lot D6 via Dorr Road near WNDU TV. Greens and fairways will not be open for parking. A pedestrian route leading to Notre Dame Stadium has been created along Holy Cross Drive on the central campus. Golf Course parking areas are open only for passenger cars. The fee for parking on the golf course is $50.00 and every passenger must have a game ticket to enter the lot.

SUGGESTED ROUTES to Golf Course (Burke) South
Motorists are urged to use the following route:

  • From SR933 and Angela, turn east, entrance into lot is one block on the north side of Angela.
  • Prior to one-way traffic, from Notre Dame and Angela, drive west on Angela, it is two blocks. The entrance will be on the right side.

SUGGESTED ROUTES to Golf Course (Burke) North
Motorists are urged to use the following routes:

  • From 933 and Dorr Rd, turn east towards campus on Dorr Road (at WNDU TV station). Near the entrance gate to campus, follow signs and turn right into the D6 South Lot. Follow signs to lot entrance.
  • To exit, reverse the route, at SR933, turn north or south. If traffic backups occur on SR933 north bound, state police may direct traffic from Dorr to take south bound SR933. Access to the IN Toll Road is available by going south on SR933 to west bound Angela to north bound Riverside Drive to west bound Cleveland Road to exit 72 of the Toll Road. This route may also be used by fans traveling other points north of campus.

Green Tailgating! Game Day Recycling

Irish fans and our guests are now recycling! Designated recycling containers will again be available throughout the campus, in parking lots and the stadium for all recyclable items such as aluminum, glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard. Please do not put food in containers. Please join us in making a greener campus by recycling at your tailgate party! For details and more information please visit

Reserved Parking and Parking Fees


Most public parking (General Parking) is located on the north end of campus. New Douglas Road now splits White Field into White North and White South.
Parking is also available on a first come, first served basis on the Notre Dame Golf Course (once known as Burke Memorial Golf Course).

Do not approach lots south of Douglas without a reserved parking pass.

For additional information about obtaining reserved parking or for information on parking fees, visit the ND Athletic Department Web Site, then click on “Tickets”.

Special Traffic Control Measures on Area Roads and Streets

In anticipation of early arriving crowds with later kickoff times, the special one-way traffic pattern is about 3 hours prior to kick-off, by County and State Police. City police will continue to implement “one-way” or special restrictions three hours prior to kick off on streets south of campus. Special traffic control measures will help assure orderly and safe flow of traffic and prevent traffic backups onto the Indiana Toll Road of fans arriving for the football games.

During inbound traffic, most roads leading to campus become one-way and motorists must follow directions of police officers. Access to campus lots are restricted to a special pass during the one-way traffic pattern.

Police will run the special one-way traffic pattern for outbound traffic for one to two hours following the end of the game.

RV Parking 

RV's will be directed to park on the hard surfaced lots in and around the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union near the intersection of St. Joe Drive and Moreau Drive.

All RV parking is located in the lots around the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union. Access the RV parking area by following SR933 north or south to Cleveland Road, then east on Cleveland Road to Juniper Road, then south on Juniper Road to the second roundabout.  Take first right onto Moreau Drive and then right onto St. Joe Drive.
General admission parking for RV’s will vary from game to game from $150 to $275. A free shuttle runs from White Field North and South to the Library Circle.  Information on pricing can be found at

Vehicles with trailers are prohibited in all lots.

Accessible (Handicap) Parking 

Game day parking for people with disabilities is located in D Bulla Lot, just west of Twyckenham Drive, on Bulla Road. For access to this lot, you must present your state issued disabled placard or display a qualifying license plate at the time of entry. The cost of parking in this lot is $30 per game. Accessible transportation will be provided to and from Notre Dame Stadium before, during and after the game. This lot provides the best access to and from the stadium area for people with disabilities who do not have season reserved parking passes. Accessible shuttle service is provided at no additional cost and will transport disable patrons to/from the Stadium area. Stadium ushers will be on hand before and after the game to assist people with disabilities as needed.

Travel north or south on SR 933 to Douglas, east on Douglas to Twyckenham, southbound Twyckenham Drive to Bulla Rd. Turn right onto Bulla Rd. to the D Bulla Lot. Alternate route: travel north or south on Ironwood Road to Douglas Road, west on Douglas to Twyckenham Drive, south on Twyckenham to Bulla, west to entrance.

Shuttle Bus – White Field

Game day: Shuttle Buses from White Field begin limited service (with 2 buses) to the Hesburgh Library Circle, just north of ND Stadium, when White Field opens (6 am for employees, 7:30am for public).

Pre-game: Shuttle service will increase to 12 buses as game time approaches; shuttles will run until kickoff, with a minimum of 1 bus running during the game.

Post-game: 12 buses will run from the Library Circle back to White Field. Shuttles will run until the lines subside or at least 1 hour after the game ends (whichever is longer). Two (2) buses will run an additional hour or up to 3 hours post game based on passenger demand.

General Public Parking in White Field

General public parking areas north of campus in White Field (on the north end of campus) provide ample space for fan parking. Shuttle buses operate between White Field and the Library Circle after White Field opens. (Directions to general public parking are posted below.)

White Field general admission parking for passenger cars is $30, including transportation to and from the north parking lot. Shuttle runs from White Field North to the Library Circle. Parking is only available for passenger cars and recreational vehicles.

SUGGESTED ROUTES to White North and South

Motorists are urged to use the following routes:

  • From the Indiana Toll Road, use exits 72, 77 or 83.
  • From exit 77, For RVs; proceed north (left) on State Road 933 (formerly U.S. 33) to Cleveland Road, then east to Juniper then south to General Parking.
  • From Exit 77, for cars, drive directly east onto Douglas, to White South (General Parking)
    • Do not turn south (right) on S.R. 933 from exit 77 for general admission parking. General Admission Parking will be straight ahead when exiting the Toll Road
  • From exit 83, follow State Road 23 west to Cleveland Road, then west to Juniper then south to general admission parking.
  • From exit 72, follow signs north to Brick/Cleveland Road, then drive east to Juniper, and then south to general admission parking. Cleveland Road may still have some construction in early September.
  • Follow Michigan Street (S.R. 933) north to Douglas Rd., then turn right onto Douglas and then right to White Field South.


Motorists arriving to the area from US 31 are urged to follow the U.S. 31 Bypass to Brick/Cleveland Road, drive east on Cleveland to Juniper and then south to general admission parking.


Motorists with reserved parking tags must follow the directions printed on them. (For information about reserved parking areas contact the Athletic Department Ticket Office at (574) 631-7356.)

Motor Coach and Bus Parking

Bus parking is located at Innovation Park.

Directions to Bus Parking: From 933 and Angela Blvd, go east on Angela past Eddy Street and take the second right onto Leahy Drive into the Innovation Park Lot. Follow directions of Parking Attendants.

Bus parking fees can be found at

Groups arriving in bus caravans with five (5) or more buses arriving at the same time should contact the Athletic Department Ticket Office at (574) 631-7356 for additional information and to purchase parking passes ahead of time.

All RV Parking on game day is allowed only from 7:30 a.m. to three hours after the game, and only in the Notre Dame federal Credit Union Lot.

Directions to RV Parking: From exit 77, for RVs, proceed north (left) on State Road 933 to Cleveland Road, then east to Juniper, then south to the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union.

Tailgate Parties Not Permitted During Game

The University of Notre Dame does not permit tailgate parties while football games are under way in Notre Dame Stadium. This is not a prohibition of all tailgating. Tailgating before and after games is a great game day tradition—a time for reunions of family, friends, and alumni—and the University is pleased to serve as the host for these gatherings. Increasingly in recent years, however, some people have used football Saturdays as simply an excuse to stage all-day drinking parties in the University’s parking lots, virtually oblivious to the games—and to the best interests of the great majority of our fans and guests.

We are aware that fans often come to games hoping to buy tickets but not finding them available. Fans without tickets should be aware that returned tickets may be available on game days at the Notre Dame Stadium ticket windows and, if that is not the case, fans without tickets can watch the games on television at a variety of locations on campus. Telecasts of the games are available free at the Joyce Center, LaFortune Student Center and the Morris Inn, and food and beverage concessions are available at most of these locations. We urge fans without tickets to take advantage of these opportunities to watch the games.

A college football game day is a family party in the very best sense of the term, and at Notre Dame the experience is further enhanced by our great tradition and spirit. Our aim in all our game day policies is to ensure that our fans and visitors have a thoroughly enjoyable experience, free from disorderly and abusive behavior and its consequences.

Parking Lot Closures

All parking lots, including the RV lots, close 3 hours after the game ends. Vehicles parked in lots longer than three hours after the game may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Special Parking Restrictions

Parking is prohibited after 6 a.m. on Saturdays of home football games without special football parking pass in Lot C1, Gold Lot, B3 (Joyce Center Lots and Rec Sports Lots, Eck Tennis and athletic complex areas), all B lots (Library and all lots north of Library Lot, B16 Lot, B1 Stadium, Stayer and Hesburgh Center), E1 (Visitor Lot near Performing Arts Center on Notre Dame Avenue), Raclin-Carmichael Hall, B2 (Library Lot), Innovation Park Lot, Bookstore Lot, Library Circle, parking areas on Moose Krause Circle, A6 (along Dorr Rd. near former Campus Security Building), and west of the Hesburgh Center. Student parking is prohibited in the B16 Lot. Faculty and Staff may move to the D6, or A17 Lot as space permits. Vehicles left in the restricted lots/areas will be towed at owner’s expense beginning at 6 a.m. Regular faculty/staff and student parking assignments are not available on game day. Please follow directions of police. Access to central campus lots is restricted to a special pass during one-way traffic pattern.

Motorcycles, vehicles with trailers and large trucks are prohibited in all lots on game day.

Parking Lot Rules

The University is legally required to be concerned with monitoring safe and proper crowd management, not only in the stadium, but in the parking lots as well. We must, therefore, take this opportunity to restate our policies that are designed (1) to ensure the comfort and safety of all spectators and visitors, (2) to insist on moderation and (3) to eliminate any possibility of the abuse of the rights and privileges of others.

Follow the directions of the parking attendants. Park in the next
space beside the preceding car that arrives. Do not hold
adjacent space for late arrivals.
  1. Follow the directions of the parking attendants as you arrive. Do not hold spots for late arrivals.
  2. All lots will open at 7 a.m.
  3. **New in 2016** - In 2016 Stadium and Joyce lots will begin to be parked in a safer and more efficient manner. From 7 a.m. until 9 a.m., vehicles will be allowed to park in spots of their choosing within their assigned lot. Starting at 9 a.m., vehicles will begin to be parked in “zipper filled” manner. This means that vehicles will be park in the order in which they arrive. Parking attendants will direct you into the next available stall. Vehicles will not be allowed to deviate from the parking attendant’s direction.
  4. Various law enforcement personnel will be on duty in the parking lots before, during and after the game. In the event of an emergency dial 911 from any campus, public or mobile phone.
  5. Use one space per car including tailgating. Please maintain the aisles for emergency vehicle traffic. 
  6. Vehicle size may be no larger than 6.5 feet wide and 20 feet long.  Box trucks, motorcycles, and non-registered golf carts are not permitted on University property.
  7. Tailgate parties are not permitted during the game.
  8. Kegs are not permitted on campus, in the parking lots or adjacent areas.
  9. Abuse of the rights of others will not be tolerated in the parking lots or on any University grounds.
  10. Large parties are not permitted on campus, including parking lots.
  11. Charcoal grill or deep fryer use is prohibited on University property. The maximum propane cylinder size is 20 lbs.
  12. All vehicles must exit the parking lots within three hours of the conclusion of the game.
  13. First aid stations are located in the stadium under sections 4, 25 and 128. Enter Gates A or D.
  14. Alcohol is prohibited in Notre Dame Stadium and central campus. Smoking is prohibited in the stadium.
  15. Speakers that can stand alone, are excessively loud, or are connected to an amplifier are prohibited. Live band or DJ’s also are not permitted.
  16. Smoking is prohibited in Notre Dame Stadium. Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet of any building on campus, including entrances to Notre Dame Stadium.



Special Reserved Parking Permit Information

All of us at Notre Dame hope you will enjoy the fun, excitement, color and spirit associated with a Fighting Irish home football game. It is a premier collegiate event and we want to continue to foster the great game day atmosphere for all who will be visiting our campus. In order to do so, however, we need your cooperation.

We ask the holders of special reserve parking permits note carefully the instructions on the reverse side of the tag. Please display the hang tag from your rearview mirror.

Traffic officers and parking attendants are instructed to honor this tag and expedite your approach to the lot assigned, provided you display it properly as noted above. Unexpected traffic obstructions, weather conditions or heavy traffic approximately 45 minutes prior to kickoff may force changes in traffic patterns and parking availability. Reserved parking spaces are not guaranteed after one hour prior to kick off. Please cooperate in such an eventuality.

Important Information Regarding Post-Game Traffic Pattern

West pattern (all main streets west of Eddy)

Traffic westbound on Angela wanting to access the Indiana Toll Road and the hotels on SR 933 will be directed to Riverside Drive, then north on Riverside to Cleveland Road. Please follow the directions on the message boards for routes to hotels and toll road access.

East pattern (all main streets east of Eddy)

Joyce Drive:
Joyce Drive will exit south to Angela, then east through South Bend Avenue, continuing to Ironwood and Edison. At Ironwood/Edison drivers will have the option of going straight east or turning right. There will be no left turn at Ironwood.

Leahy Drive:
Leahy Drive will exit south to Angela, then east on Angela in the two west bound lanes (this will be one-way eastbound). Continue east to South Bend Ave, turn left and go northeast past Ironwood. At Ironwood/SR 23 drivers will have the option of going straight northeast or turning right (southbound). There will be no left turn at Ironwood.

Twyckenham will go south on Twyckenham to Angela, then east on Angela in the two west bound lanes (this will be one-way eastbound). Continue east to South Bend Ave, turn left and go northeast past Ironwood. At Ironwood/SR 23 drivers will have the option of going straight northeast or turning right (southbound). There will be no left turn at Ironwood.

The Traffic Safety Team

Officers from the Indiana State Police, St. Joseph County Police, St. Joseph County Police Reserves, South Bend Police Department and Notre Dame Security Police provide traffic control on area roadways on home football weekends. Additional assistance is provided by area Traffic Enforcement Officers, Volunteer Emergency Services Team, St. Joseph County Traffic Control units, Police Explorer Scouts, and personnel from South Bend Traffic and Lighting, the St. Joseph County Highway Department and the Indiana Toll Road Company.