2016 Parking Committee

The University Parking Committee was formed early in February 2016 at the request of University Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves. The committee has been charged with analyzing the following four aspects of parking in particular: the reserved parking program, the on-campus shuttle service, surface lot parking, and a parking garage. When considering each of these separately or in combination, the committee is also considering costs, locations and routes for implementation, as well as all of the varied constituent groups that utilize parking services, including faculty, staff, students and visitors. You can learn more about the work of the committee, current parking availability and shuttle routes on campus by following the links below.

The committee welcomes feedback from the campus community to help form and recommend constructive and implementable solutions. Please feel free to contact any committee member directly, or to use the feedback form.

While it will be difficult to implement all suggested solutions, the committee is focused on proposing a viable plan that will be equitable and addresses the overall needs of the entire campus community.

Thank you for your interest.

University of Notre Dame Parking Committee

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Committee Roster and Contact Information

Committee Charge and Timeline

Current Parking Map and Shuttle Information

Provide Feedback for the Committee

Thank you for providing feedback for the committee to consider. You may submit this form anonymously, or provide your contact information for any follow-up questions by a committee member. You may submit the form multiple times if your feedback covers multiple subjects. While all feedback will be reviewed and considered by the committee, detailed problems identified and specific solutions offered will help the committee the most in its efforts to meet the needs of the campus community.

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