Committee Charge and Recommendations

The committee is open to considering many aspects of parking on campus, but has been asked to consider the four components listed below in particular. 

Reserved Parking Pilot Program

The reserved parking pilot program was launched in the spring of 2015 and was open to all faculty and staff. Some of the questions the committee will consider include:

- Should the reserved parking program continue?

- Should the reserved parking program be expanded to include more reserved parking? If so, in what lots should it be expanded?

- Should the cost be increased?

- Should any changes be made to how the program is administered? If so, what should change?

Campus Shuttle System

The campus shuttles were started in August of 2014 and run on the north and south ends of campus. Some of the questions the committee will consider include:

- Should the shuttle system be expanded to include a larger route(s)? If so, what should the route(s) and shuttle stops be and how frequently should shuttles pick up?

- Should an app be developed to help indicate when a shuttle is approaching?

- Are the current shuttle hours sufficient?

Surface Lot Parking

All of parking on campus is surface parking, with lots designated for various constituencies including faculty, staff, residential students, off campus students, and visitors. You can view a current parking map here. Some of the questions the committee will consider include:

- Is there adequate surface parking available for all stakeholders?

- Should new surface parking be created? If so, where and for which stakeholders?

Parking Garage

Parking garages are expensive to build and maintain, but come with advantages including the number of spaces available and covered parking. The committee must weigh both the advantages and disadvantages. Some of the questions the committee will consider include:

- Is a parking garage necessary? If so, where should it be located? Initial work by the University Architect's office has indicated that the B16 sunken lot on the north side of campus or the space Legends currently occupies on the south side of campus could both be suitable locations for a parking garage.

- Since parking garages are much more expensive to build and maintain than surface parking, charging for parking could help to offset the costs. What is a reasonable and fair annual rate to charge for parking in a parking garage? What is a reasonable and fair daily rate?

- Should the parking garage be open to all stakeholders at all times? 


After completing their analysis, the Parking Committee proposes ​​​Final Recommendations (283 PDF)